This work follows a trajectory set in previous work. It still concerns it self with semi-abstration and spatial distortion, but instead of being primarily based around casting and mold making, Facet is using the crystal as its primary motif.

Whilst looking at macro photographs of various crystal structures, I was reminded of how these structures resembled archetypal moments in modernism. One particular image of salt crystals, strongly reminded me of the architectural drawings and models produced by the collaborations between Cornelis van Eesteren and Theo van Doesburg during the De Stijl. Likewise, designs by Piet Zwart and Piet Mondrian also came to mind.

For me, there is an essential link between the faceted structures created by crystallization and the aesthetics of De Stijl and modernism. With its belief that social good could be constructed via fine art and architecture, modernists set about creating their own version of utopian space. I therefore like to think that the crystal facet becomes the signifier for a utopian existence. And since I know that utopia is an unrealistic social ideal that is yet to be reached, I decided to grow my own.