PM: An incidental video opera

By Peter Lambropoulos and Sandra Bridie
Presented by Chamber Made Opera

On the 9th of August, 2011 between 9.33pm and 10.06pm, Sandra Bridie took her video camera out and filmed 33 minutes of material inside her Gambetta flat in Paris' 20th arrondisement.


At the same time of the same day, though not at the same instant (due to timezone differences) Peter Lambropoulos also filmed 33 minutes of source video material inside his house in Preston, Melbourne.

This base material from Paris and Melbourne has been collated, combined, fused, filtered and separated out, into a series of 3 minute 33 second long video works.

These video works — some with their incidental soundtracks — were installed on various devices around Peter's home environment in Preston. They transformed the house into a hallucinatory and poetic audiovisual space for visitors to explore around nightfall on July 29th 2012.



Paris banksia mash-up


Split screen

All in


Bedroom fade to black

Clock crystal


Balcony fade to black