Installation view
Slap Pals get sacked —
an art improvement program

George Paton Gallery, University of Melbourne Student Union, Melbourne
18 March to 2 April 2015

Slap Pals invite you to climb into the sack with us.

Prior to the industrial age, ‘getting the sack’ was your employer-slash-feudal overlord telling you to pack up your tools in your sack — indicating your services were now surplus to requirements. We no longer carry our working lives on our backs, but a growing number of us find the message is delivered with the same brutal efficiency.

With Slap Pals get sacked ­- an art improvement program (AIP), please join us in poking fun at the increasingly hypocritical nature of corporate language in our workplaces. Reductions in resources, both human and financial, are often couched in the language of economic positivism and productivity, which obscures the unpalatable nature of what’s being dished up with its cheerful and carefully deniable spin.

Each work is a renegotiation of the idea of ‘reduction’ as efficiency. In an environment where financial restraints are the norm, we take the SPUD approach to limited resources, that is, to ‘Supply Performance Under Duress’. In the noble tradition of reclaiming the language of oppression, we decided to create efficiencies to the art making process through a reduction of visual motifs. In this case, given we find ourselves surrounded by sacking, we’ve chosen the potato.

Slap Pals want to reassure you that any cuts made to the art making process will in no way affect the final product.

Click here to download a copy of the room sheet, which one reviewer called the best room sheet he had read in years!