Water Damaged Pencil of Nature — Plate X

Water Damaged Pencil of Nature — Plate X
Metallic chromogenic print face mounted to acrylic
Image size: 570 x 850 mm
Edition of 3 (+AP) | $POA
Hi-Res click here

Greetings friends of Petlamb

Welcome to August's photo of the month — Water Damaged Pencil of Nature — Plate X.

This plate from Pencil of Nature is called The Haystack. The original sepia coloured image shows a large, well maintained stack of hay with a ladder leaning against it (towards the left) in a classic rule of thirds composition.

With this image, Talbot introduces the idea of photographic objectivity and expediency versus the subjective and manually intense nature of art. He states:

"One advantage of the discovery of the Photographic Art will be, that it will enable us to introduce into our pictures a multitude of minute details which add to the truth and reality of the representation, but which no artist would take the trouble to copy faithfully from nature."

Through my water damaged technique I have obliterated much of the original and "minute" detail whilst adding a complex layer of my own. And yes, this image is a truthful and accurate representation of what I saw in my studio on the day I took this photograph — I swear.

If you want more info regarding this series check out my current work page by clicking here.

If you want a closer look, you can check out the intricate detail by visiting the high-res version here.

Love Petlamb x