Water Damaged Pencil of Nature — Plate III

Water Damaged Pencil of Nature — Plate III
Metallic chromogenic print face mounted to acrylic
Image size: 570 x 850 mm
Edition of 3 (+AP) | $POA
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Greetings friends of Petlamb

Welcome to September's photo of the month — Water Damaged Pencil of Nature — Plate III.

This plate from Pencil of Nature is called Articles of China.

It depicts four shelves with a range of china objects on them. Each shelf is a mix of decorative figurines and more utilitarian objects that seem fussy and ornate to me.

In his didactic text associated with this image, he introduces numerous concepts relating to the photographic art including its service to collectors as a method of recording inventory.

"From the specimen here given it is sufficiently manifest, that the whole cabinet of a Virtuoso and collector of old China might be depicted on paper in little more time than it would take him to make a written inventory describing it in the usual way. The more strange and fantastic the forms of his old teapots, the more advantage in having their pictures given instead of their descriptions."

He then goes on to proclaim photographic objectivity, by hinting at its use as evidence in court.

And should a thief afterwards purloin the treasures—if the mute testimony of the picture were to be produced against him in court—it would certainly be evidence of a novel kind; but what the judge and jury might say to it, is a matter which I leave to the speculation of those who possess legal acumen.

What I am fascinated by is Talbot's ability to articulate the concrete benefits that photography will provide to industry and society in general.

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If you want a closer look, you can check out the intricate detail by visiting the high-res version here.

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