Gnarly Metallic

Image size: 850 x 570 mm
Support size: 890 x 610 mm
Archival Pigment Print on Crane Silver Rag
Edition of 3 (+AP) | $800
Hi-Res click here

Greetings friends of Petlamb

Welcome to December’s photo of the month — Gnarly Metallic.

To finish off the year I present this colourful offering.

With it's background gradient reminiscent of David McDiarmid's text work or Jan Nelson's hyper-real portraits, Gnarly Metallic stands tall amidst a desolate and infinite landscape. It is accompanied only by what appear to be metallic scrubby tufts.

You will see colourful gradients in most of my current works, but this is the starkest representation of a gradient I have made to date. Usually the gradients I work with are darker with greater subtlety.

What interests me about gradients is their relationship to the spectrum of visible light. Remember ROYGBIV? So for me, gradients are akin to deconstructed white light. The fun part is I get to choose where my rainbow begins and ends.

If you want a closer look, you can check out the intricate detail by visiting the high-res version here.

Love Petlamb x