Water Damaged Pencil of Nature — Plate V and XVII

Water Damaged Pencil of Nature — Plate V

Water Damaged Pencil of Nature — Plate XVII

Both images metallic chromogenic print face mounted to acrylic
Image size: 850 x 570 mm
Edition of 3 (+AP) | $POA
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Greetings friends of Petlamb

Welcome to November's photo of the month x two — Water Damaged Pencil of Nature — Plate V and XVII.

These two images from The Pencil of Nature depict the bust of Patroclus.

What interests me about these plates is that Talbot articulates a method of "filling in" shadow detail using a white sheet. He states:

With regard to many statues, however, a better effect is obtained by delineating them in cloudy weather than in sunshine. For, the sunshine causes such strong shadows as sometimes to confuse the subject. To prevent this, it is a good plan to hold a white cloth on one side of the statue at a little distance to reflect back the sun's rays and cause a faint illumination of the parts which would otherwise be lost in shadow.

This method is still used today by photographers.

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If you want a closer look, you can check out the intricate detail by visiting the high-res version here.

Love Petlamb x